Will Mitt Romney be a GOP outlier after August 2020?

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    Sastry Karra

    When Mitt was the lone Republican who voted against President Trump during impeachment process, he became a lone GOP breaking from the Party. Recently, Mitt talked openly about the government’s inefficiency in regard to COVID-19 response. Further more, on 7th June 2020 Sunday , Mitt even participated in a protest rally supporting Racism & Police brutality. As a support to scientific community, and against the norms of his party, during the protest, Mitt even wore a “Mask”.

    Being an astrologer, I was amazed to hear Mitt’s recent activities, and was curious to analyze his birth chart super imposing transit planet positions as per Sidereal Ephemeris. Mitt was born on 14-March-1947, around 9:50AM in Detroit.

    From Ascendant, Natal Sun, Mercury & Mars are all in 10th house (Career) and the 6th house lord Venus is in 9th house (House of Ethics/Justice) and both the houses are owned by Saturn. Natal Saturn is also having a direct aspect on Venus in 9th house too.

    Between Jan 2020 and June-29-2020, both Transit Saturn & Transit Jupiter are in 9th house thus cojoining with Natal Venus & having a direct aspect on Natal Saturn. But, transit Mars stays in 9th house and remained there at least until end of April 2020. Starting 1st May until 21-June, transit Mars will be in his 10th house, and his rebellion pertaining to his professional life will be highly visible.

    Once transit Mars leaves Aquarius and on 29-June when transit Jupiter leaves 9th house and goes back to 8th house, Mitt will slowly gets calm down. With Transit Jupiter in 8th house (its OWN) and having a direct aspect on Transit Sun/Mercury/Rahu, there will be some sort of secret agreement and he will probably remains quiet.

    Between 17-July and 16-Aug, when transit Sun enters Cancer it will cojoin with Natal Saturn, and will have a direct aspect on Natal Venus (6th house lord- employment conditions) and transit Saturn, Mitt will popup again in the media and will calm down by end of Aug, 2020.

    Let me see the sine wave of his behavior…..

    Please Note that these are just my predictions based on my astrological knowledge, and do not use for making any major decisions and not liable for its usage or outcomes.

    Sastry Karra

    Like I mentioned in my article, Mitt had just voided loudly (on 14th Aug). Once transit Sun leaves LEO, he will be quite again….

    Link: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/08/15/mitt-romney-decries-mail-voting-attacks-political-calculation/5589522002/

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