Kamala’s 2020 VP Chances

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According to Astro Databank website, Kamala Harris was born on October 24, 1964 around 9:28 pm in Oakland, CA. Using that available information and based on sidereal ephemeris, a natal birth chart was developed. The JHora software was used for planetary positions/inclinations.

In her birth chart, the slow-moving planets – Saturn, Jupiter & Rahu – are all in the Zodiac Cusp. In Hindu astrology, it is labeled as rashi sandhi, where sandhi in Sanskrit means “in-between”. In addition, the Moon and Sun are also at an inclination of 4˚, which falls at the brink of rashi sandhi.

Of all these, Jupiter is the lord of 10th house (Career/Profession) and 7th house (Spouse) with just 0˚ inclination in retrograde motion. That indicates that Jupiter was more inclined towards its previous house, Aries, where the natal moon is residing. The Sun is close to a 4˚ inclination and is residing in Libra. This house, in Hindu astrology, is depicted as “debilitated” or neecha for the Sun. Therefore, natal Sun became weak and it has no major relationship with either the 10th house or its lord. So, the individual, in this case Senator Kamala Harris will always be working under someone, eliminating the option of becoming President.

            Mars is lord of the 6th house, which deals with Employment conditions. Natal Mars is close to 28˚ inclination and is residing in Cancer, hence it cannot be considered to be “debilitated” or neecha.

Fig 1: Natal Birth chart with Planetary inclinations based on her birth details

When it comes to nature of profession for the individual, both the 6th and the 10th houses are to be first analyzed.

Jupiter: As the 10th house lord and residing in the 2nd house from ascendant, its 9th aspect is on 8th house (secret dealings), which is owned by Saturn. This indicates that the individual has or will involve in some secret dealings or secrets pertaining to their career.

Mars:  As the 6th house lord and residing in 2nd house from ascendant, its 4th aspect is on Libra, where the 1st house lord, Mercury, and debilitated Sun are residing. Mars’s 7th aspect is on 8th house (secret dealings) and the 8th aspect is on 9th house (dharma-stanam or the house of ethics/justice). Both are owned by Saturn. This indicates that the individual has or will become involved in some secret dealings/secrets that might be unethical (aadharma) pertaining to their employment conditions.

The above two planet’s secrecy is a big drag for the individual to move up the ladder in their career. These secrets will haunt them and when revealed might have a major negative impact on their career. Senator Kamala Harris ended her campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in January 2020 when some of her decisions as California Attorney General were disturbing.

Fig 2: Natal Birth chart with Transit Planets

Having talked so much about her career and the negativity in her employment life, let us first consider the transit planets at least until August 16, 2020. The most important points to note are:

Transit Rahu will be in her 1st house until September 2020, which would have a major impact on her 7th house.

Transit Saturn will be in Capricorn which is 8th house from ascendant. Until June 29, 2020, Transit Jupiter will be here too. This combination will put much stress on her career and employment conditions, even as a Senator.

Transit Mars will be in Aquarius where it conjoins with natal Saturn in the 9th house (dharma or ethics/justice) until July, 4, 2020. During this period, Transit Sun will be conjoining with natal Jupiter too. In addition, Transit Mars’s 4th aspect is on natal Jupiter and Transit Sun. This combination depicts her leadership skills and ability to communicate effectively with aggressive tone for dharma (ethics/justice)

Her speech in US Senate in regard to an amendment to Anti-Lynch Bill is the “best” example. (Ref: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/04/politics/anti-lynching-bill-fight-senate-floor-cory-booker-rand-paul/index.html)

The million-dollar question is will Joe Biden choose Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate. With the assumption that Joe Biden decides not to announce his pick before June 29, 2020, I am more inclined to predict that Senator Kamala Harris will be his Vice Presidential candidate.

Below are my astrological justifications:

1. Transit Mars will enter her 10th house in July and stays until Aug, which is when Joe Biden’s campaign said that they will announce the Vice Presidential candidate’s name. For Kamala Harris, Natal Mars being 6th house lord and transit Mars residing in 10thhouse indicates a possibility for some sort of event that directly co-relates with her Leadership skills as Transit Sun is conjoined with Nata mars during this period too.

2. Transit Mars’s 4th aspect will be on her 1st house, which is owned by Mercury, a good communicator and who conjoined with Sun. During this time period, transit Rahu will also be in her 1st house. Above all, according to vimsottari dasa, the current main period is Rahu and the sub-period is Mercury.

3. Transit Jupiter will be in the 7th house, which is its own, and will have a direct aspect on the 1st house where natal and transit Rahu were residing. Thus, both the 6th and the 10th house lords are having a relationship with the 1st house and the mahadasaplanet, Rahu, and sub-period planet, Mercury which is the 1st house lord.

Between June 17, 2020 and July 16, 2020, transit Sun will also be in the 1st house, conjoining with natal and transit Rahu and having a direct aspect with the 10thhouse lord, transit Jupiter.

5. According to vimsottari dasa system, between June 22, 2020 and July 15, 2020, the period is RahuMercury-Mercury-Saturn.

Finally, to the best of my Hindu astrological knowledge, Joe Biden will announce Kamala Harris as his VP Candidate between July 3 – July 6, 2020, since the period is RahuMercury-Mercury-Saturn-Sun.

Sastry Karra grew up in Hyderabad, A.P (South India). His father (Late) Karra. Venkata Rao, uncles and grandfather were all well versed in Hindu Astrology. It was his family tradition to provide predictions using Hindu Astrological principles for “Free”. At the age of 16, Sastry Karra showed interest in astrology, learnt the basic calculations and then predictions from his grandfather.


  1. Sastry Karra Reply

    Though officially it was announced last week, in Joe’s mind I am sure he decided Kamala ad his VP Candidate by 4th July

  2. Boaby McGee Reply

    Today on bottom gear, Kamala Harris gets stalked by star nonce

  3. Boaby McGee Reply

    Today on bottom gear, Kamala Harris gets stalked by star nonce

  4. Boaby McGee Reply

    Today on bottom gear, Kamala Harris gets stalked by star nonce

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