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Politics has never been far away from the attention of historians of astrology. It is fair to say that the inverse observation has much less validity: a few exceptions notwithstanding, historians of politics have had virtually no interest in astrological discourse as a possible source of political theory, advice, legitimacy, or empowerment. This is somewhat remarkable, in view of the wealth of good historical studies demonstrating and analyzing the many ways in which astrology impinged on past politics. As even back then, leaders did not approach astrology as a truth-discourse, but rather as a tool for success.

Astrology is able to shape a politician’s course of action in two basic ways. First of all, through its ascribed power to protect the leader’s body against misfortune. Secondly, through its ascribed power to protect his power against other leaders or against his subjects (by predicting rebellion). In other words, astrologers have historically been known to have been employed by people in power “to obtain political and tactical advantage over potential adversaries”. It has also been portrayed as a source of popular empowerment. Most often seen as a traditionally sanctioned way to discern a pattern, to extract relevant meanings from the chaos of current events, and to discern future ones. Secondly, it offers a means of divine advice in making critically important decisions. Simply put, astrology in politics can be viewed as a prophetic art, in the sense that it is held not only to offer technical knowledge, but meaning and guidance: it is not only used as a means of profitable action, but of relevant action.

For instance, ocean tides are an example of planetary energy effects here on earth and were once considered “magic.” But science soon discovered the correlation between the moons cycle and the effects here on earth. It was then that early sailors were able to accurately predict the tides for safer travel. A wise sailor wouldn’t paddle out to sea during incoming tides and gained the knowledge of the correct time to easily do so through the use of astrology. Astrology is less about making predictions about specific events than it is about giving you a “lay of the land” – that is one of it’s values, to provide proper timing. In essence, the re-use of astrological language as a metaphor for political dynamics, can be viewed as an avid representation of the oppositions and challenges which a legitimate political authority faces.

This is what our central mission is. To provide astrological knowledge which becomes important relative to helping you accomplish your goals and ambitions. Not only to be a successful politician but one that is of great service to the people he/she served while in office. As such, we would like to welcome you to AstrologyPolitics.com where several well known respected astrologers with a history of accurate predictions impinge on politics to profitably serve you and your aspirations, as well as accurately guide you along your path as a leader, politician and representative of the people.