Amy Klobuchar

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Amy Klobuchar was born on May 25, 1960 at 12:56 a.m. in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Amy was born with Aquarius ascendant, and first lord Saturn placed in the 11th house in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter. To be born with Saturn as the first lord indicates a person influenced by activities of Saturn throughout their life, and most of the activities ruled by Saturn are law and justice. Since a strong natural benefic Jupiter in own house is conjunct Saturn, it will help Saturn to achieve success.
But Saturn and Jupiter are not political planets. Sun is the king in astrology and all power rests in Sun. The other source of power is Mars because Mars is the warrior and general in astrology, and a strong Mars helps to win battles. With politics being a battle with fights, one needs a strong Mars for victory, whether its’ battles with competitors at home or with enemies abroad.

Amy has a weak Sun to begin with, by virtue of the fact that she was born close to midnight when the Sun loses all power by going in the fourth house. The fourth house being the sign of Taurus, Sun doesn’t enjoy being there either. However, the fourth house is not afflicted as the fourth lord Venus is in fourth house itself, but the Sun as a planet is not getting any strength there, so it cannot help much in a political career, at least not to lead a nation, and never a nation as powerful as the United States of America. Taurus Sun wouldn’t be a big problem if it was a good house though. For example, in Donald Trump’s chart, Sun is in Taurus, but it is shining brightly being in the tenth house as Donald was born close to noon. Sun gets power just by being in the tenth house and alone responsible for putting Trump in the White House in spite of being referred to as an idiot, etc. by his critics. Besides, in Trump’s case, Sun is also the first lord, so he’s born to be king in whatever area of life he chooses. While first lord in Amy’s chart is Saturn, the planet Saturn is not a king or kingmaker – Saturn is a servant, actually. But a strong Saturn can make one a Judge in the Supreme Court. This is because Saturn rules justice – it is Saturn’s department to decide or worry about whether something is right or wrong, and it can confer the power of judiciary on oneself if it’s strong in one’s chart. Amy’s Saturn is powerful also due to being conjunct a benefic Jupiter in a good 11th house, and that has given her a career related to law.

Mars is important for victory in battles, and in Amy’s chart, it is not weak. Mars also has tenth house lordship and it has given her some success defeating other contenders for a place in the United States Senate. Her Mars is placed in the second house in Pisces sign, which is a sign ruled by Jupiter. This Mars in Pisces as 10th lord can put her in charge of the education department of her country because Pisces rules education, teachers, etc.

Amy’s karma is very likely just about expressing her opinion on certain legal matters and debating whether something is right or wrong, whether it be at a law firm, as a lawyer, or for the country as a senator, and then fighting for that which is right, either morally or legally. Hence she’s a senator and a lawyer. But to be a president, one needs the power to dominate everyone, and for that, one needs strong Mars and Sun in the birth chart. Amy has a weak Sun and her Mars is just above average strength, so it’s unlikely she’d ever be President.



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