Mike Pompeo: Destined to be President?

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Mike Pompeo was born on 30 December 1963 at 1:32 p.m. in Orange, California.

Born with an Aries ascendant with Mars as first lord, it’s no surprise Pompeo decided to join the army. Mars is the planet of war and a person usually gravitates under its influence towards professions that involve fighting.
Pompeo didn’t stay in the army for long though, instead he got involved with an aircraft-part manufacturing company – this was probably due to his tenth lord being Saturn and conjunct seventh lord Venus in the sign of Capricorn causing him to be entrepreneurial as well.

Since late 2010, Pompeo has been active in American politics, winning the Kansas House of Representatives seat. As a Congressman, he was busy serving on different committees related to intelligence, commerce, energy, security, etc.
Pompeo started his career in the army, then became a businessman, and then got into politics. The army event was related to Mars being ascendant lord. The career as businessman was related to Saturn-Venus conjunction in tenth house.

Any politics related event can only happen due to Sun’s position in astrology. What we see in his chart is that the Sun is located in the ninth house in the sign of Sagittarius. Sun in the ninth usually should make a person the head of some religious organization or some educational institute, especially if ninth house is Sagittarius. But Pompeo’s Sun is also conjunct Mars, and it is this Sun-Mars conjunction that forced him to be a politician. Mars is fighting and the Sun is power, so a combination of Sun-Mars is often seen in charts of people who have to fight for power either through wars or through elections.

In 2016, Pompeo became CIA director; and in 2018, Secretary of State. These are two of the most powerful offices in the United States, and the Sun-Mars conjunction displays this kind of power in Pompeo’s chart. We see a Sun-Mars conjunction in the charts of many statesmen and politicians. Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia has this conjunction in Leo. President Lyndon Johnson had it in Leo. Curiously, President Nixon, born January 9, 1913, too had a Sun-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius.

If Nixon could be a President with a Sun-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius, so why not Pompeo?
This is probably because Nixon’s Sun-Mars conjunction is accompanied by benefics Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, but Pompeo’s conjunction (though accompanied by benefic Mercury) is afflicted by the malefic Rahu-Ketu axis. However, the Rahu-Ketu axis has only slightly altered the meaning of the Sun-Mars conjunction in Pompeo’s chart, in the sense that he’s very close to the throne of the country as Secretary of State or CIA chief, etc. but could not be the President himself.

In the future too, this affliction by Rahu-Ketu to his Sun-Mars conjunction may stop Mike Pompeo from becoming the President of the United States and instead may confer on him other powerful offices of the country.
While the strength of planets in the natal chart determines the journey of a person in life, Vedic astrologers also make use of the Dasha system. For example, Pompeo is running the Dasha of Ketu since 2014, and during this Dasha he got the highest success in his political career. Ketu being conjunct Sun and Mars would bring activities related to these planets, which is politics. So during Ketu Dasha, Mike Pompeo spent most of his time being a part of national politics.

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